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From the co-founders of Voice First World®, the Speak with Presence podcast is an interview show where perfection is overrated, leaders listen, and we all speak up to influence change. 

Dec 21, 2022

Episode 44:  Perfect Process Doesn't Exist 

Lisa González grew up in an entrepreneurial family in California and spent many summers and weekends working and learning about business.  After graduating from UCLA and attending law school in Texas (UT) she moved to Denver and helped Fortune 100 companies with legal issues but soon missed the energy of entrepreneurial business life. 

She was recruited to share her talent (read: obsession) for operations and process with a family start-up in the residential remodeling industry.  Expanding to multiple locations, the start-up grew to become one of the largest national residential remodeling companies in the United States. Having experienced the successful implementation of EOS in that company, Lisa exited the organization to train other leadership teams. 

In addition to her work as an EOS Implementer, Lisa helps entrepreneurial business leaders (that includes you: founders, CEOs, and family-owners) from all industries. Through her trainings, speaking, and Process! workshops, these teams rediscover their passion for their businesses. 

Lisa also has served on the board of YPO, and has been a member of EO and Vistage. 

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